Your Source for State Flags in Birmingham, AL

Take pride in where you are from and fly your state flag. The American Flag Company sells state flags from Birmingham, AL. Our catalog includes banners in several sizes. Whether for your home or in a formal setting, we have the products you need to show respect and reverence for your country and home state.

The fifty states of the Union and its territories have distinct histories. The land, its people, and the trials they experienced all contribute to this country’s heritage. Flags are a representation of these struggles, triumphs, and the resolve to strive forward. We sell these state banners so that you may display them with pride. 

About Our Flags

  The flags that we sell are made from Endura-Nylon, one of the best materials available. They are designed and manufactured for use outside. As a result, our products are durable, fast-drying, and will resist fading. Even with their resilient composition, these flags are still light enough to catch the slightest breeze on a flagpole. All of our state flags are finished with a white poly-cotton header and are ready to fly.

Our flags come in three sizes, allowing you to choose a banner that is most appropriate for your space. The options are:


3’ X 5’

4’ X 6’

5’ X 8’


Contact us to learn more about our selection of American flags and banners. We are located in Birmingham, AL.